Bringing instructional integrity to each classroom craft, projects are designed to engage students’ creative talents, while at the same time, conveying information, which enhances their knowledge. All our students painted large colorful spring blossoms this week. These vibrant blooms became the centerpiece for learning about seeds, bulbs, stems, leaves, roots and shoots.

In the story,
The Tiny Seed, by Eric Carle, a beautiful and very large flower blossoms from a small seed after traveling many miles and meeting with some adversity. Student’s learned from reading the story that not all seeds sprout into beautiful flowers. Birds and mice eat some seeds, some do not get enough water and still others get too much water.

After planting grass seeds this week each student is now responsible for tending to this or her own patch of lawn. Students have made some predictions as to when we will begin to see some green. There is a wide range of ideas and we discussed conditions that may have an effect on when our seeds will sprout. Too much water, not enough water or lack of sun these all have an impact on growth. Students have also been learning about soil and the importance of worms in gardens. More scoop on dirt next week.

A reminder that this is the last week you can vote for CDE at The Essex Savings Bank. Money that is awarded to our school goes toward our Scholarship fund.

Spring ahead and enjoy the warm-up.

*Note to parents: Flu season is here. I saw one case of confirmed flu at work last week. For those parents who like to have their children vaccinated, please remember that the vaccine takes about 30 days to be fully active - so sooner is better. For children who have not had the flu shot prior to this year, you must get two vaccinations.

Hand washing at home: As winter approaches so does the inevitable stomach bug. Please remember that the only thing that gets the germy beasties off our hand is soap, water, and rubbing. Purel is great for runny noses, fevers, croup, cough, cold, flu... but not vomiting and diarrhea! Wash your hands, wash your kids hands, and try not to eat their leftovers!

Medical flu-shot exemption form here
Religious flu-shot exemption form here