This Week’s News

Being back in our renovated classroom is cause for celebration. Thank you to all the parents who helped to get us set up and back in full swing for Friday’s class. I know that we all agree our freshly painted and repaired classroom environment is beautiful.

Having a science center open for investigations once again is a welcome plus. Since so many of our themes are directly related to large ideas in nature and science, I am happy to have our students end the year with this opportunity.

Ants, beetles and bees oh my, our classroom is infested with bugs. Of course no exterminator is required for our buggy environment. Our bugs have been, and will continue to be, created from construction paper, brown paper bags and egg cartons. Extending their insect study, students will be looking at bugs that live and grow in and around ponds.

A fun math activity has been marching to “The Ants Go Marching.” Starting off in a single file, the children march to the tune but then things get a little more complicated. Students need to partner up to march by twos then team up marching by threes on up to 10 by 10 (we never get this far). The book, One Hundred Hungry Ants, by E Pinczes, is a whimsical story which puts emphasis on this math concept and has become a favorite daily read.

Releasing our Painted Lady butterflies and ladybugs was a bittersweet moment. Students waved goodbye as the butterflies soared into the sky. Slowly our ladybugs found their way to safe places. Having the ability to watch the life cycles of these insects provided living examples of metamorphosis.

Reading many insect stories by Eric Carle and Lois Ehlert, our students have been using the art form of collage that both these illustrators use. These writers and illustrators will provide more inspiration as we continue our insect theme to year’s end.

Calendar of events:
Tuesday, June 3 - phone conferences for students not attending Kindergarten in the fall. Times will be posted.
Friday, June 6 - School Picture day
Friday, June 6 - School Picnic 5-7PM
Rain date Saturday, June 7
Wednesday, June 18 - Pajama and Pizza Day
Thursday, June 19 - Last Day of School T/Th class
Friday, June 20 - School Play, Diplomas and reception, last day of school for MWF Class (shortened day)