CDE Testimonials

Every time that we've come into CDE, the children are happily buzzing about.  Mrs. Hall and Mrs. May are always engaged with the kids, and it isn't at all unusual to see the teachers playing right along with the pre-schoolers.  That kind of interaction is not so easy to find these days.  My son comes home with news about the exciting things he's learned, and his older sister arrived in kindergarten after two years at CDE with all of her readiness skills in place.  The classroom always looks fun and inviting, with lots of special touches (like the fresh homemade playdough and framed student artwork) that remind us of the time and consideration that go into designing the preschool experience.  It is that dedication and love for children that make CDE the warm and welcoming place that we all love.
–Jen & Brad Pitman

"My husband and I have been extremely happy with the program at CDE for several reasons.   One, our son (in the 3 year old program) has already showed tremendous progress in motor skills, letter and number identification, classroom etiquette and understanding of school processes.   We feel at this age–when your child runs out of you car in the am to get into school to learn and see his peers and teachers says a lot.  Secondly,  Mrs. Hall and Mrs. May have been extremely communicative in our child's development and progress.   We are very pleased with our decision to start our sons education at CDE and know the skills and social skills he is learning will absolutely help prepare him for kindergarten."
–Jennifer and Owen Beatman


As an early childhood educator, searching for a preschool that matched my philosophy was very challenging. Selecting CDE as part of our child’s first educational experience has proven to be the best decision we ever made!
–The Grieders


Sending your first child to preschool for the first time can be a very scary thing for both the child and the parents alike. Linda Hall and Donna May, kindly and comfortably took all those first time fears away for us with their big hearts, warm smiles and caring ways. They are absolutely wonderful teachers and I honestly can not think of a better place than CDE to introduce my child to school, learning and social interaction for the first time. We all could not be more happy with the choice to attend CDE!
–The Garrity Family


“Linda Hall and Donna May are the best. We highly recommend CDE if you want your child to be exposed to a wonderful, nurturing and fun environment of exploration, creativity, and growth.”
–The Boyle Family

” As a parent, you want your child to be in a safe, caring, creative and loving environment. Mrs. Hall and Mrs. May have such an amazing ability to make it all true in the classroom at CDE. Over the past 2 years my son has blossomed into a loving, confident and gentle young man. I will always be thankful to them both for helping him in his pre-school journey!”
–The King Family

Our 13 year old daughter Marina attended CDE ten years ago and she absolutely loved it, Linda and Donna are fantastic teachers. Our 4 year old daughter Bella is currently in her second year at CDE and her favorite days of the week are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when she gets to go to school and see her friends and teachers! We’ve enjoyed having both our daughters thrive in CDE’s wonderful environment!
Thank you Linda and Donna!

Fondly, The Capezzone Family


We could not be happier with CDE as a whole from content to cost to teachers. It’s a great school. Our kids come home happy and look forward to going back! Our daughter attended two years, our first son is finishing up his second year, and we are signing up our second son for the fall. Thank you CDE!
–David & Sopha Welch from Essex, Ct.


Education today always seems focused only on the “work” of preparing kids for the next milestone. While CDE absolutely helped my children build a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning, they never lost sight of the moment. They tempered forward looking for strategies with a talent for making each day special in and of itself. I suspect this comes just as much from the staff’s clear love for our children as it does from their expertise. My children left CDE having learned and, more importantly, with a love of learning.

It’s always so hard to choose a nursery school and there can be a lot of second guessing, is this one the best for my child but after just the first week we were sure this was the perfect school for our daughter. The teachers, Linda Hall and Donna May are amazing, patiently guiding and gently disciplining the children in a way that makes the kids really want to excel. The programming is excellent too, it’s not just a long playdate every day. The kids get an introduction to so many fascinating subjects such as biology, meteorology, astronomy and history as well as learning their ABCs and 123s and it’s always fun for them, they don’t even realize they are learning. I love that they have stations around the room and that they change throughout the year to keep the kids interested. Certainly they go to the playground in nice weather but I had to laugh when after a rainy morning my daughter came home and wanted to teach me how to limbo. She said, “You know Mom, it’s important to get up and get some exercise every day, even if it’s raining outside.” “Where did you learn that,” I asked. ”At CDE,” she replied.


Our son is ready to go to nursery school in the Fall and after our experience with CDE this time there is no question where we will send him. What a relief to be so certain we are making the right choice for our children and giving them the head start they need. We have to thank the teachers and the officers, CDE is worth every penny and the fundraising actually turned out to be a lot of fun.