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Story Time and Open Play 2014
Mrs. Hall’s News

Earth, our fragile planet spins in space among stars, comets and asteroids. Where is earth’s place in the universe? What is space? All our students were asked these questions before the school vacation and the answers showed a general knowledge that will be further explored in the next few weeks. We will begin our unit by concentrating on our planet. Teaching children to respect and protect the earth and the ecosystems that are in danger when we pollute the air, water and soil will be instrumental in fostering a positive message that can make even our youngest students environmental stewards of the earth. It is important to expose children to environmental issues and social dilemmas. In short we need to help children love and appreciate the earth before we can ask them to save it.

Discussions on recycling and why it is important to reduce the amount of trash we throw away will be our focus during group time. We will be looking through the garbage to find items that can easily be recycled, like juice boxes and plastic bags after snack. Students will be asked to bring something from home that their family recycles and we will compare and sort these items. What does it mean to be green?

Our Tuesday/Thursday class will celebrate earth day by helping to clean up the playground and pant an herb garden.
Work in the classroom is well underway. The sub flooring has been installed. Painting the walls and the repair of the ceiling is next. The final phase will be the installation of the wood floors. We will be back in the classroom before the end of the school year.

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Parent Conferences for students entering Kindergarten May 1st & 2nd.
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*NEW! CDE is excited to announce that we are offering an early drop-off program for the 2013-2014 school year! This option is available to the 3 and 4-year-old AM classes. For an additional fee of $30 a month for the 3 year-olds and $40 for the 4-year olds, students can come to the classroom at 8:30, instead of the traditional 9:00am drop-off time. This offers our students an additional half hour of free playtime to interact with each other and the teachers, as well as use all of the developmental skill building centers in the classroom. If you are interested in registering or have additional questions, please contact Linda Hall at cdenurseryschool@att.net or call 860.526.3403.

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